SIGNA is the IGN-CNIG web portal that displays the geographic information available, allowing, also, the users to query and analyze them. It also allows adding data from external sources through Standard Web Services.

Version: 3.0
Last portal update date: October/2015
Software: Geospatial Portal (Intergraph)
  1. Navigate
  2. Measurements: to obtain coordinates, distances and areas
  3. Search for geographic names and postal addresses
  4. Request information from a geographic feature (display attributes)
  5. Create user’s maps and share them by a link
  6. Send comments and request
  7. Report mistakes
  8. Change the Coordinate Reference System: ETRS89 and WGS84, in geographic and UTM projection (zones: 28, 29, 30 y 31)
  9. Load Web Services
  10. Search data and services using standard catalogues (metadata)
  11. Queries by attributes
  12. Spatial queries
  13. Define buffers
  14. Display the elevation
  15. Generation of profiles
  16. Routing
  17. Donwload in GML or Shape of phenomenon
  18. Generation of user data
  19. Access to the IDEE Directory services
  20. Connection to the CNIG Download Center
  21. Save and load customization maps configurations

Web Services Types:
  1. WMS
  2. WMTS
  3. WFS
  4. CSW
  5. WMC
  1. WCTS
  2. WPS-CT
  3. LUWS
  4. Gazetteer (WFS-G)
  5. GeoRSS
  1. Nomenclátor (Gazetter Spanish Profile)
Contact Email:
Telephone: +34 91 597 95 22